Windshield Repair Warranty Information:

Upon booking an appointment, I understand that the repair(s) may still be visible upon completion.  You can expect the repair to look 70% to 90% better once repaired but can not be hidden completely.  I understand and agree that, although extremely unlikely, if the damaged glass should fail during the repair process and replacement glass is needed, I hold FAT BOY'S WINDSHIELD REPAIR harmless and not liable for any costs of any kind.

Our repairs are GUARANTEED not to crack further for as long as you own your vehicle.  Our Failure rate is less than 1%.  This means that having a crack repaired by fails is a rare event.  However, if you find the crack spreading further, call us as soon as possible.  We will inspect the crack and if possible repair it.  If it is not possible to repair it, the amount paid as shown on your invoice will be refunded to the person or company who paid for the repair service as shown on the invoice.  Invoice must be shown for reimbursement.

Note:  We will not guarantee cracks or other damage on your windshield that have been repaired by another auto glass company, or from new damage that did not originate from the damage indicated on your invoice.  Altered invoices will void our guarantee / warranty.  I have been instructed as to the expectations; warranties and disclaimers involved with windshield repair and understand policies regarding these matters.